Can You Watch Game Of Thrones Online Legitimately?

Where To Watch Game Of Thrones Online  Legitimately

This HBO series is literally in a realm all its own!

It seems like Daenerys Targaryen might soon take over the Seven Kingdoms and reclaim the birth-rite that was stolen from her family by the Lannisters. Sansa and Therion are in the beginnings of a vengeful partnership born from their forced marriage at the hands of Tyrion’s father Tywin, that’s sure to play out to the detriment of key characters Cersei and Joffrey. Not to mention the fact that Arya has some vindictive plans in store for those who murdered most of her family over the course of the last three seasons!

If you’re looking for a place to legally watch Game of Thrones online, your options are somewhat (and sadly) limited. There are a few sites that offer the legit content that fans want to see, and we’ll list those for you further down the page.

HBO will certainly be airing new teasers for the new season in the coming months on YouTube. And you can always watch your favourite key scenes on there too. The problem for most of us is trying to find quality sites that can deliver our favourite episodes in full. is always an option, but they tend to over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to their online streaming options. You go there expecting to select any previous episode in its entirety, only to be disappointed by the scarce options. You can, of course purchase entire seasons from there if you wish.

Always avoid sites that offer free, poor quality GoT content. They don’t have permission and usually don’t stay up for very long once HBO and their online henchmen catch on to the copyright infringement.

The paid streamers are, and will always be the way to go. No company like Netflix or Amazon Instant would dare offer up any programming that they aren’t licensed to. There are some other great options, like Hulu’s ‘Plus’ subscription service, and UK television lovers have Lovefilm, and the new Blink Box service to watch their favourite Game of Thrones seasons in a way that won’t leave you at risk for copyright infringement fines like a torrent download can.

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Game Of Thrones Online

Author: Dan Craig